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Kaspersky Pure 3 - 1 user

Part Number 8107586
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Kaspersky Pure 3 - 1 user
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Safe Money Kaspersky Pure adds more protection for your financial transactions. Whenever you log onto an online shopping, banking or payment website, Kaspersky’s new Safe Money technology offers automatic protection. It checks the website’s URL against a list of secure sites, verifies the site’s security certificate and also scans your PC’s operating system to check for any related vulnerabilities. Safe Money also automatically suggests that the site is opened in the special Safe Money mode – to help further protect your personal data against theft. Improved Secure Virtual Keyboard Kaspersky Pure helps to protect you from identity thefts. When you open a bank or payment website – or enter a password on a website – Kaspersky’s Secure Keyboard technology automatically prevents keyloggers from accessing the personal data that you type on your keyboard. Furthermore, Kaspersky’s improved Virtual Keyboard technology lets you input confidential data without even using a keyboard – so your information is safe from capture by ‘screen scrapers’, keyloggers and more. Automatic Exploit Prevention Kaspersky Pure defends against the exploitation of vulnerabilities. Malware is increasingly targeting vulnerabilities within commonly-used PC applications. Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security includes a new technology – Automatic Exploit Prevention – that blocks malware from exploiting such vulnerabilities. Automatic Exploit Prevention scans your PC for vulnerabilities and controls the actions of any programs that have vulnerabilities. It blocks exploits by: Controlling the launch of executable files by any applications that have vulnerabilities Analysing the behaviour of executable files – to identify any similarities with known malicious programs Restricting the actions that can be undertaken by applications that have vulnerabilities Password Manager* Kaspersky’s Password Manager not only enhances your security – by generating secure, random passwords – it also automatically logs you onto your website accounts and applications, including Skype and Instant Messenger. Now, with the new Password Sync feature, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 securely stores your passwords online in the cloud. With Password Sync, you can safely access your passwords from any PC and be automatically logged onto your chosen websites and applications. Online backup Kaspersky Pure makes data backup even more convenient for your use. If your PC fails, Kaspersky’s flexible backup features mean you can still access your documents, photos, music and other files. Kaspersky PURE 3.0 lets you backup your data onto your hard drive, removable media or a range of other physical storage. In addition, the new Online Backup feature allows you to store up to 2 GB of backup files online, via Dropbox – so you can use any PC with an Internet connection to access your backup.
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